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Can you use BoginaBag for both
toilet functions?


Our leakproof bags are designed to catch and hold both liquid and solid waste.


What are the dimensions and weight
of BoginaBag?


When folded, BoginaBag is only 65cm in length with
a diameter of 13cm. It also weighs less than 1kg and
has a weight limit of 125kg


What is the weight limit of the stool?


BoginaBag is designed to carry up to 125kg in weight when used as shown in the user instructions.



How do the pads work?


Our pads contain a granular powder which is contained inside the fibrous cellulose of the pad. When it absorbs water it swells into a gel which traps the liquid.


What impact is BoginaBag having
on the environment?


We aim to do everything we can to minimise the
impact we are having on the environment. Our bags
are degradable and we have made them as simple
as possible so we minimise wastage. BoginaBag
is hygienic without the need for environmentally damaging chemicals.


How much liquid can the pad within
the bag absorb?


The pad can absorb up to 700ml of urine.


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