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BoginaBag (Bog in a Bag) is a unique portable toilet that’s lightweight, portable and very robust. It provides a convenient solution to that age old problem of needing to go and having nowhere to go!
BoginaBag folds out into a convenient stool you can use anywhere, but when nature calls all you need to do is remove the cover, insert one of our specially designed degradable bags, relax and relieve yourself.
Our leakproof bags are hygienic and convenient. The pad absorbs any liquid and once you’re finished, simply tie the top and dispose of the bag in a bin; it couldn’t be easier. Our bog bags completely cover the stool’s seat so there‘s no mess, it’s clean and hygienic and ready to be used again and again.
Remember, BoginaBag is a convenient portable toilet, but it’s also a useful general purpose stool, so it’s great for anyone who’s out and about and needs rest or relief!
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